Career & Networking Center (formerly Community Career Center)

Career & Networking Center has long been committed to helping individuals put their best foot forward, and today, we’re proud to announce our own step in a new direction! 

We are now the Career & Networking Center. 

This new name and fresh look better reflect our dedication to job advancement and satisfaction, paired with a timeless logo infused with spring green to represent renewal and growth. 

We Empower. You Succeed.

While our name has changed, our effective coaching, training, and seminars in networking, career strategy, skill development, and more have not. We’re here to help you grow and welcome the next chapter into your life. 

Thanks to our friends at Launch Digital Marketing for helping us create our revitalized identity.

For more information, reach out to us at

At every step in career or job search transition, the Career & Networking Center (CNC) offers the diverse resources, support, and personal development you need to succeed in your job search or career change. Human Resource and Business professional coaches offer a wide range of assistance in the areas of Career Exploration, Job Search Strategy, Resume Review, Networking, LinkedIn and Interviewing Tips.  Additionally,  career-enhancing and skill-based workshops, accountability/networking groups and a professional work area with computers and printers provide clients with an office away from home to conduct an effective and successful job search.