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To provide diverse resources to empower individuals to achieve fulfilling employment.



The Career & Networking Center is a 501c3 charitable organization.  Funding for the Center comes from a variety of sources:


City of Naperville 

Lisle Township

Naperville Township

DuPage County 

Naperville Rotary 

Church & Corporate Donations

Palatine Township

Naperville Exchange Club 

Fox Valley United Way 

CNC Alumni


Naperville Jaycees



The Career & Networking Center came into being as the result of a multiphase grassroots effort to address the concerns of the underemployed and unemployed in our community. Beginning in 1992, a Naperville United Way Community Needs Assessment revealed the number one concern of our local citizens was unemployment and underemployment. As a result, the Community Career Center opened its doors in September 1996 to assist individuals in developing the tools and resources needed to conduct a successful job search and return to work.

Today the Career & Networking Center provides a supportive and professional setting where individuals can conduct a productive and successful job search, receive career-enhancing, professional development advice and build their professional network. An expert group of human resource and other business professionals are available for individual consultation to assist individuals in setting reasonable goals and implementing strategies that meet their specific needs. Perhaps, one of the unique features about the Center is the coaching appointments, which include: resume writing, networking, interviewing skills, job search strategy, career exploration, brand development, and necessary computer skills. Programs and services are available without geographic restrictions.