Advice for Naperville Job Seekers: How Do You Improve Yourself?

Submitted by:  Conor Cuneen – Irishman Speaks, Author of SHEIFGAB the World, Community Career Center Board Member


One of the standard questions I pose during my SHEIFGAB sessions is, “How have you Improved yourself during the job search?”  I am no longer surprised, but always disappointed, about the small percentage of job seekers who can answer that question positively.


Today’s Job Search Advice

Here’s my simple thought process. The job seeker who can go into an interview and state with credibility that they have improved themselves in some measurable, planned manner during the job search is going to present better than the candidate who does not have a good response.


I will go further. As part of your job search activity, you should Structure (S for Structure in SHEIFGAB) specific time to Improve yourself, so that you can walk into the interview, 12 feet tall and bulletproof, and be able to say “I am a better candidate today than the day I left my previous position. I am a better candidate today, because while in job search, I have done x, y, z to improve myself. Yes, Hiring Manager, I AM a better and more rounded candidate for you than the day I left my previous position.”


I am not saying it is easy, but job search isn’t easy. Putting in the hard work now to Improve yourself will help you get that well-paying job.  So, here’s the question for you. What are you doing today to Improve yourself?


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