Hi. My name is Ed Hayes, and I’ll be your tour guide for today’s trip through the Career Community Center (CCC) in Naperville. I appreciate the opportunity to share my thoughts on the CCC as I joined the ranks of those seeking their next success in June of this year. Why not say “I recently joined the ranks of the unemployed?” As they say at the CCC, I’m not unemployed. I’m “between successes.”


The first order of business is to sign up for orientation. Wednesday and Saturday mornings are devoted to introducing newcomers to all of the workshops and seminars available to job seekers. Upon completing orientation, you have the option to enroll. Your enrollment will allow you to attend all workshops and seminars at no additional cost while also affording you the opportunity to utilize the Center’s computers.


The next step is determining which of the one­-on-­one sessions you want to sign up for first. Among the many topics to choose from: sprucing up your resume, dos and don’ts during an interview, creating your LinkedIn profile. Those are just a few of your choices. In addition to the one­-on-­one sessions, there are weekly groups you may join. For example, Mondays start with Make A Plan (MAP). Attending MAP is a great way to start the week by sharing, strategizing, and socializing with fellow job seekers. Attendees share what they did the previous week and what their plans are for the rest of that week in relation to their search.


Wednesdays are for Job Club. Attendees are encouraged to bring copies of their resume or handbill. If you’re not sure what a handbill is, don’t worry; I didn’t know either. Attend Job Club to find out! Everyone gets time for an introduction and their “elevator pitch.” An elevator pitch is a 30-­60 second description of what you’ve done in your career and what you’re looking to do. It’s a well-honed tool in your job search arsenal.


Here are more groups that meet at the CCC:  

Lean In Circle Networking Group Women: This group is affiliated with the national women's movement created by Sheryl Sandberg's Lean In campaign and affords women a forum to share ideas amongst peers.

The Man Cave: As with Lean In being for women only, The Man Cave meetings are attended by men only and allow them to also share ideas amongst peers.

Outside speakers also contribute their time and expertise on a variety of topics. Here is a partial list of some of the discussions:

Getting the Interview and Nailing It

Compensation Conversations

Ask the Recruiter

Why Should a Job Seeker Use Twitter?


The Career Community Center in Naperville is a tremendous resource for those looking for their next success. Including the word “community” in its name wasn’t done by accident. The CCC provides a true community of like-minded individuals, in this case job seekers, who are able to meet and share their stories while creating a supportive environment in the process.

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