Avoiding The Road Of Good Intentions in 2016



“Ideas have a shelf life. You must act on them before the expiration date.” - John C. Maxwell

It was not that long ago that I came across an article in Psychology Today talking about how people can close what was referred to as being the intention - action gap.


It was a very interesting article, especially in the context of our long-ingrained practice of making resolutions every time a new year rolls around.


I am sure, like me, that you had a few moments of quiet reflection on the year that had just past. I am also certain that you spent some time considering your hopes for the coming year. It would be unusual if you didn't.


However, the soulful contemplation of your dreams - whether they center around spending more time with your family, or finally getting that promotion, must be based on something more than a wishful desire or good intentions. You must base them on taking tangible action.    


What Are YOU Prepared To Do?


John Maxwell's words about ideas having a shelf life, and the need for you to act on them before they expire, is a personal call to action.


The question is, what is holding you back from realizing the full potential of your opportunities - and yes, there is an abundance of opportunities waiting for you in 2016.


In this month's eNewsletter, I will be providing you excerpts from my How To Make 2016 Your Breakout Year Guide, that will enable you to identify some of the obstacles you are likely to face, and how you can overcome them to embrace your version or vision of success.


All you have to do is to be prepared to take action!


"You deserve the results you've got. Remember, it was your actions that created them.” - Larry Winget  


1. The Fear Of Failure


According to a June 14th, 2014 PsychCentral article by Tellman Knudson, CHT, we all have a fear of failure. 


The fact is that fear, and more specifically the fear of failure, does affect all of us at one point in time or another.  Whether we are trying something for the first time or the thousandth time, it doesn't matter.  It is therefore not the fear itself that is the problem, but how we deal with it.


In short, it is our attitude towards fear that determines our ability to overcome it.


So how do you overcome the fear of failure?



Approach any situation with the mindset of Winston Churchill who said that "Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts!"
The best way to overcome fear is to continue to move forward as opposed to analyzing, denying or for that matter fighting it.
Learn from your failures, and build on your successes, turning every situation into a win-win scenario.



2. A Lack Of Perseverance


Chinese Proverb - When the winds of change blow, some people build walls and others build windmills.


I love this proverb, because it provides a simple yet powerful definition of adaptability.


It also accurately describes the true characteristics of perseverance, and the importance of being able to intelligently persevere and persist.


What does it mean to "intelligently persevere and persist?"   



Don't confuse a sincere belief with what you are doing, and the reality of your situation. You need to appraise your situation from a standpoint of objectivity as opposed to emotion.
Know when to quit . . . or as Seth Godin put it "winners quit fast, quit often and quit without guilt."
In the end, perseverance, and the decision to continue or not, should be based as much on your motives as it is on your determination. When the right motives are combined with the willingness to endure, there is no obstacle too great for you to overcome. You will find a way.



3. The Uplifting Power Of Mindful Living


 As alluded to by the title of my Guide, my goal is to empower you to make 2016 your breakout year.


The areas upon which I have focused in the previous points, represent just two of the most common obstacles you will face in terms of realizing your full potential and ultimately your greatest achievements.


These are by no means the only challenges you will encounter.  However, and by applying the same mindful principles to whatever roadblocks you may face, you will persevere, overcome and succeed.


Of course when I talk about mindful principles, I am also referring to the uplifting power of mindful living.


So what is mindful living?


It is an attitude that is not dependent upon how you feel at any given moment, nor is it based upon success or failure.


Mindful living is a state of perpetual certainty that whatever you are facing in the way of challenges or obstacles, you will ultimately overcome.


The following will provide you with the key attributes of someone who is living mindfully and successfully, regardless of their situation or circumstances.



Live in the present
Live with humor
Live with passion
Live simply
Live with patience
Live to celebrate all experiences
Live with gratitude
Live with purpose



Are You Ready To Take Action?


So there you have it.


Referencing the question I posed at the beginning of this eNewsletter, what are you now prepared to do to make 2016 your breakout year?


Or perhaps a better question is what's holding you back, because you were made for success.






I would be delighted to provide you with a free copy of my 2016 Guide for a more detailed overview of each of the above mindful living principles.  Please contact Cathy at cathy@usheroff.com for your copy.


Roz Usheroff
Usheroff Institute, Inc.

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