Submitted by: Jeff Carroll, Executive Coach, Career Rocker, Director Leadership Development in the College of Business at Northern Illinois University, Founder of the RE-Street Brand, Creator/Producer/Host of The Career Revival Tour on WGN720 Radio, and currently working on a new book.


Are you living out a hand-me-down career right now? You know, the one your mom, dad, teacher or friend gave you, sort of speak? Well-meaning and with good intention, but hasn't quite worked out? It's uncomfortable to be stuck in a career vortex between what you were told to do and what you want to do. And, what makes this even more complicated is that it might take a couple of years before this full realization catches up with you.

Anybody here see the noise,

 see the fear and commotion

I think we missed it


You see, the early stages of our hand-me-down careers there is a lot of noise coming from all the other influential voices persuading us to be just like them by just getting the same job they have; along with all the commotion involved as we shuffle off with the rest of the career sheep doing what everybody else is doing. But while all of this is going on in warp speed we miss and dismiss the most important "noise", that being out own voice, our own values, our own vision. It has a way of getting lost and falls victim of the group-think stampede.

Don 't give me no hand me down shoes

Don 't give me no hand me down love

Don 't give me no hand me down world

I got one already


Nobody really wants seconds' cause they're used, worn and not truly ours. Although we might not like the hand-me-down clothes from brothers, sisters and cousins, we also realized that in most cases it was done with good intention and you had a choice of whether to wear it or not. But not so with our careers! It somehow becomes a different exchange, a different arrangement, a different understanding. Not sure about all the psychological and cultural dynamics going on here, as we abdicate our choice and just "wear" the job that was given to us without little thought about whether it's the best fit for us.

Don 't give me no hand me down world                  

I don 't want to take it and I really don 't need it) no


So, if you happen to have landed in this hand-me-down world of careers and you're convinced that you don't want it or need it, then go out on a shopping spree for a new job or career that really fits you. Head out to a "store" that fits your passion, brand and profile and pay full price because you want it ..... you need it ..... you deserve it!

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