Author: Virginia McLaughlin, CNC Career Coach


Here is a roadmap to discovering your personal brand—you at your best—and how it can add value in your search: 


1. Brainstorm a list of the all adjectives or attributes you’d use to describe yourself. 

▪ Examples might be things like agreeable; action-oriented; optimistic; conscientious; insightful; courageous; pragmatic; enthusiastic; diplomatic; collaborative; driven; funny; reliable; organized...(notice, you’re picking out ones that are positive—you at your best!) 

▪ Ask other people what words they would use to describe you. 

▪ Reflect on the times when you’ve been at your best: those times where you’ve succeeded; made things better; enjoyed yourself. What made those times memorable and what characteristics did you exhibit? 

▪ Select from the list you’ve compiled the 3-5 words that describe the best of who you are and what you do. Think deeply about what those words mean to you. 


2. Create a brand statement with the 3-5 key attributes and what they will enable you to contribute in an organization.

Here is a formula to get you started: “I want to be known for this: “I am ___________, ___________ and ___________ which enables me to _______________________(The value you want to contribute in this role or organization.) 

Example: “I want to be known for this: I am caring, consistently even-tempered, and a problem-solver. That will enable me to work effectively and productively with a team that has challenging goals facing them.” 


3. Live and project your brand into all you do. This short brand statement should be easily remembered so you can ‘live’ it.

This is the core of your brand and can be expanded in your resume, cover letters, etc., answering the question “What do you want people to remember about you?” 

Clarity and authenticity around your brand and living it is the key. 


Part 3 will speak to how your personal brand can be used in your job search.

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