Don't lose momentum while you celebrate the holidays. Take advantage of opportunities the season offers.

One way to keep the momentum going is to come to the Lisle Township Job Club on Wednesdays at 10:30 a.m. at the Community Career Center, 1815 Diehl Road, Suite 900 (behind Cracker Barrel, which faces Route 88), in Naperville. We're meeting through the holidays on Dec. 2, 9, 16, 23 and 30, sharing leads and supporting each other through our transitions. Also, plan to join us for our "Un-Office Holiday Party" on Dec. 16. There will be food!

Here are some additional tips to leverage different opportunities the holiday season provides:

1) Send holiday wishes and re-connect with those you haven't been in touch with lately as well as update your network on your job search through LinkedIn, Facebook, email and seasonal cards. The holidays are a perfect ice-breaker.

 2) Utilize the additional networking opportunities, including making new connections, inherent in special events, parties and other holiday gatherings. It can be casual and comfortable. You might even schedule time to catch up over coffee or drinks after the holidays for further networking.

3) Recognize that your odds at making the right connection, scheduling an interview and getting hired can increase while others slow their search efforts or even take the holidays off. With less intense competition, you stand out more.

4) Some employers and recruiters have positions to fill before the end of the fiscal year and for tax reasons, as well as for January starts. With 2016 budgets approved, others are getting a jump on first quarter hiring. Looking in January can be too late for some jobs.

5) If you are consistent and persistent you will be further ahead and better positioned for interviews and to be hired in the new year without struggling to regain momentum.

 Happy Holidays!


 Sarah Breithaupt

 Director of Youth and Family Services

 Lisle Township

 (630) 968-2987, ext. 14

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