Submitted by: Steve Eschbach, President, Transworld Business Advisors of Naperville & Community Career Center Board Member

Some have said that job search networking during the Holiday season (my liberal definition of this is Halloween through New Year’s) is not a productive endeavor.  Hogwash! (or as my good friend and Community Career Center fellow Board member, Conor Cunneen would say, ‘blarney!’)!  Two of my career landings have happened due to networking between December 1 and December 31.  No need to associate dates and professions to this personal story as the concept is effective no matter.

The first success story I can share with you was when I was an executive officer with a near bankrupt internet company in Denver.  I was on a voluntary board of a local professional organization with many of my fellow board members employed at other firms.  One of my fellow board members asked if I would consider taking her role in a local boutique consulting firm as she was offered a position (and accepted) with a northwestern U.S. firm (this was the day before Christmas).  This would require a dinner meeting/interview the day after Christmas.

I said yes.  I was offered the job the next day and accepted.  By the way, the position was never advertised (it was in the days before Al Gore invented the internet), nor did it have to be given then-current company compliance requirements.

The second success story has to do with what many call, ‘informational interviewing.’  What I mean by this is that you schedule a meeting with someone looking for advice on your current situation.  For me, it was reaching out to a good friend and business colleague, in early December while I was still living in Connecticut, with no current job prospects, just to see if his contacts and my contacts were in sync (again, before the days of the internet and LinkedIn).  He and I were both in the same professional capacity in the same industry so I was looking to make sure my information was correct about mutual contacts and see if there were additional contacts I should be reaching out to (with his referral). 

I came away with 15 new endorsed contacts to reach out to.  But before I could even place a call to one of them, an executive recruiter called and asked if I would be interested in a senior executive officer role for a newly-created Chicago-based company that came about because of a recent merger.  How did he come across my name?  He reached out to my friend and he said, ‘I am not interested, but I know Steve Eschbach has the skills set and industry experience you are looking for.'  The rest is history, and I have been a Naperville resident now for nearly 10 years.

I have learned through many workshops I have attended at the Community Career Center in Naperville that 80 percent of the jobs are attained through networking, and that has been my track record as well.  

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