Submitted by Steve Eschbach, President, Transworld Business Advisors of Naperville & CCC Board Member


I have long been an advocate that everyone should never stop networking.  This is a common mantra from the many I meet in the various career advancement, job search and, now for me, business development networking events I have attended. While most will agree that networking should never stop, very few talk about when it should start.

For my children – all 3 of them – it began a generation ago.  Shortly after entering this world in the late 1980s/early 1990s, they were all placed in nurseries at Hartford (Connecticut) Hospital, thus, their first networking meetings were within hours of their birth.  Looking through the hospital nursery window at the dozen or more babies in their basinets, some of them had much to say but we couldn’t tell if the others were listening (but I assume so).  My wife tells me that this may be a thing of the past as she has heard that hospitals will soon abandon this networking event in favor of placing newborns with their mothers in their hospital rooms.  That will be a mistake.

Fast forward, the then videotape and my oldest son, in his mid-20s, sent his resume to an engineering college student he graduated with at the University of Connecticut (UConn) at a local (Connecticut) medical device company for his first job after achieving his Bachelor of Science Degree in Bio-Medical Engineering.  The first and second reach-outs yielded no response.  But, the third time he sent his credentials her way, he landed an intern position (remember, three times is a charm).  In six months, that intern position turned into a permanent position.  Since then (2015), he received his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from UConn and has now advanced to a senior engineering leadership role at that company. So, remember, never stop networking, but, more importantly, it is never too early to start networking.

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