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When you attend an Orientation at the CCC session, you will be encouraged to join or be on LINKEDIN, a professional social networking site. Many job seekers who aren’t presently on LINKEDIN, ask what is the importance of being on LINKEDIN and how do they get on LINKEDIN?

What can LINKEDIN do for job seekers?  LINKEDIN provides job seekers a way to:

-Manage your connections
-Increase your visibility to get hired
-Connect with people inside specific groups or companies
-Find opportunities only available inside the hidden job market
-Increase the relevancy of your job search by comparing your specialities to your target company specialties
-Make your interview go smoother by reading news and article links on company profiles.
-Apply for jobs

What does a job seeker need to do if using LINKEDIN?

Build an authentic branded profile – Include your name, photo, a headline, location, summary & experience, education and personal information. Your LINKEDIN profile should read more like a story and be more interesting than a resume, using complete sentences with active verbs. List only companies that will lead former co-workers to your profile. If you are a serious jobseeker, set your profile to public, allowing the most freedom of visibility.

-Connect to other people – 80-85% of job landings are through networking … knowing someone who knows someone. Connections are a MUST! Connect with former co-workers, supervisors, friends, associates, people you network in job clubs and individuals in your field.  Connect with people you know by searching their name, clicking on their profile, then choose “connect”. This sends a message to them to connect. It is important to change the automated message of the connection to something more peronsal.

-Join Groups – Joining groups opens communication between members that you otherwise are not connected to. A few groups to join are Community Career Center, LINKIN N Chicago, Greater Naperville Networking. Group boards contain a discussion board and a job board of their own. Participate in both!

-Get Recommended from others – These help illustrate achievements, project credibility and show why people enjoy working with you.  LinkedIn provides an easy approach to requesting recommendations including Choosing from a job or education item listed on your profile, clicking on the address book icon and creating your message for this recommendation request. TIP: It is best to provide your contact a starting draft or ideas of topics of the recommendation so they don’t have to work hard to give you what you are asking for!

-Provide recommendations - Just as you ask for recommendations, you should provide recommendations to connections you have worked with.  This is simply done by clicking on “recommend” on a colleague’s profile, listed under their work experience section.


LinkedIn is free, but if you choose to upgrade to a paid account, you have access to additional features including some listed below. Do your research to see what the best way for you to utilize LINKEDIN is.

-Send messages directly (InMail), without waiting for an introduction from one of your contacts
-View more profiles when you perform an advanced search
-Access more specifics on who’s viewed your profile.
-More Saved searches to build your sales pipeline.

LinkedIn can be one of the most powerful networking tools you will ever use; not just as a job seeker, but as a valuable employee at your next company!  With the right branding, outreach, and connections, your LinkedIn profile can become an agent on your side, reaching out and speaking on your behalf 24/7.  By keeping your profile up to date and fresh you will build a reputation of being someone “in the know.

The Community Career Center offers a LINKEDIN workshop once a month and as a member, a job seeker may schedule a one-on-one appointment with a Career Coach to review your LINKEDIN profile. Visit our events calendar at for our next workshop.

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