Submitted by: Les Balick, CCC Volunteer


Losing a job and finding the next one, or assessing what new career to consider, takes some thought – provoking time, typically with someone as a counselor who has the ability to stretch your mind.  The Career Center offers you the opportunity to meet and spend time with such a person who has you in mind.

Too often time is being spent on the past in looking for mistakes made, not lessons learned in order to move forward.  Pulling out the uniqueness that is often buried in most individuals, offers a fresh view of possibilities.  Creating a goal for the short term, and for the long, if daring enough, becomes a pointer to pursue valued steps to achieve what lies ahead.

All too often life’s journeys include being lead and being satisfied and comforted with closing down dreams and using creativity to make a difference. Once these artificial ties are loosened, the door to the future opens wide enough to believe that the best may yet to come.

“Whether you think you can or think you can’t  - you are right.”  Henry Ford

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