The One Thing that should be on every Boomers Resume!

Submitted by Conor Cunneen – IrishmanSpeaks, Author of SHEIFGAB the World & CCC Board Member


For Baby Boomers, the chances are that the most recent recruiter or interviewer you met was younger (much younger!) than you.  It is indeed a fact of the job search life, particularly for early stage interviews, the person asking the questions doesn’t know what an eight track cassette is, has a vague recollection of what an audio cassette is and think a CD is some banking term.

While sifting through resumes, that millennial recruiter is also probably checking Facebook and tweeting. Then, having finished on Snapchat, the recruiter who is the same age as your daughter, looks at your Boomer resume, and even though your experience and skill set is excellent, the often unspoken thought process is “Well, she kind of strikes me as old and not likely to fit in.”

One simple, powerful concept to prevent that thinking occurring is something that is rarely on a Boomer’s resume – A Twitter handle.

Once upon a time, the job seeker HAD to be on LinkedIn. Then, they HAD to be on Facebook and now – like it, or not – the job seeker really needs to be on Twitter. If you are reading this and don’t understand the power of Twitter, you are running behind fellow job seekers with the same skill set and experience as you, who are on Twitter.  Having a Twitter handle suggests you are contemporary, understand social media and have an awareness about how information is communicated, all day, every day.

Although recruiters will never admit it, ageism is a fact of job-seeking life, but if you can suggest in your resume that you’re thinking is not mired in the last century and that you are staying contemporary, you do have a chance of breaking through that ageism hurdle. Twitter will help send that message and just as importantly, help you gain knowledge about your marketplace.

The core benefit of Twitter for you is as a superb conduit for incoming information about the industry and companies you are interested in. In fact, there is no need for you to tweet at all, but if you follow companies, publications, associations and recruiters related to your job search you will have a goldmine of useful information. Combine that with the potential perception that having a Twitter account can create, and this whole idea is a no brainer.

Bottom line: You don't have to tweet, but you should be on Twitter!

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