Author: Virginia McLaughlin, CNC Career Coach

The quick answer to that question is “everywhere”. In general, your personal brand provides you with greater self-awareness and understanding as well as greater confidence and clarity. 

In a job search, though, it can be useful in some very specific ways: 

▪ Focusing your resume so that it illustrates who you are and the value you bring: Your key attributes can be brought into your cover letter, your resume summary and show up in your employment history with the results you’ve achieved 

▪ Responding to questions in an interview in ways that highlight your best qualities: When you’re asked how you’ve handled things in the past, you can emphasize in your examples the key attributes of your brand and the experiences that have shaped it 

▪ Deciding whether a particular job is a good fit given who you are and what you’re looking for: As you research or interview with companies, you may find that there is a disconnect between an organizational culture and your personal brand—that would be a signal that it isn’t the place for you 

▪ Maintaining positive internal conversation: Being in a job search can be difficult and negative self-talk drains energy and leaks out to others. Positive internal conversation is essential to keeping up your energy and attitude 

▪ A check on the decisions you’re making day by day: There are so many choices you make during a job search—what ads to apply to; who to reach out to; which workshops or meetings to attend; how much time and energy to expend, etc.—that clarity around your brand will help guide those decisions. 

All of this is not easy work. 

With companies often receiving hundreds of resumes per job ad, and only a few people being sought out for in-person interviews, how can you stand out? Clarity around who you are and what you offer will give you an edge. Your brand. 

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