What is Pymetrics?

pymetrics is a new, game-based recruiting tool that assesses the strengths of candidates and recommends the right careers and companies for them. The pymetrics games were created based on decades of well-established neuroscience research. They assess fifty key cognitive and emotional traits. Co-founders Frida Polli and Julie Yoo combined their extensive neuroscience research experience at Harvard and MIT to identify tasks that would most reveal the traits that recruiters and hiring managers want to know. Together, these games provide a snapshot of a person’s unique characteristics.

pymetrics games are non-directional, meaning that unlike school or standardized tests, there are no right answers or preferred scores. Instead, they measure traits where either end of the spectrum can be beneficial based on the demands of a particular profession.

How can it help me?

pymetrics uses the game approach to determine the top traits in a person, and also provides career recommendations based on these traits. The picture below provides a sample of a pymetrics report. Whether you’re entering the workforce, thinking of reentering the job market, or trying to figure out the next steps in your career, pymetrics can help you explore the possibilities.

If you’re not sure on the assessment you receive, you can always play the games again to ensure consistent results.

The assessment also includes a top career report, suggesting the best professions for you based on your strengths. See the picture below for a sample.


Last but not least, pymetrics also suggests jobs based on these reports and lets you connect with recruiters and companies with suitable job offers for you. Companies also pay to see these results as they believe pymetrics can help them find well-suited candidates from non-traditional sources.

How does it work?

The approach of playing games with quick, instinctive responses is pretty simple – and in fact fun. The most important thing is not to try to think them trough and simply follow your first reaction. Below is an example of such a game, called “Pump the balloons”. For each balloon you can click on the button labeled "Pump Balloon" to increase the size of the balloon, and also give you $0.05 reward. However, at some point, overinflating may burst the balloon and you may lose all the rewards. Every balloon is different and may burst at different sizes, unbeknownst to you.

A simple game like this essentially gauges a person’s ability to take risk and learn from the past experiences to balance risk vs reward.

How do I get started?

Registering for pymetrics is easy and free. Please go to to get started. You can use your email to register, or simply login with your Facebook, LinkedIn or GitHub ID. After login, you can:

Play the required games to complete your assessment
Play additional games to fine-tune the assessment
View your traits report
View your careers report
Browse jobs and companies
Fill out your profile
Connect with recruiters
Get an awesome new job that is a great fit for you!

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