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Thursdays 8:00 am-9:15 am 

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ENG: The Highly Effective Networking Group w/Keith Owens (1st & 3rd Thursday) 

The goal for this session is to help make the other 39 hours of your weekly job search more productive. The meeting will focus on helping you land that next great job sooner through networking and group problem-solving. Come prepared to share information on your search, as well as questions about problems/issues you are facing. Be ready to help others with networking and sharing information on how you have solved job search-related problems.


ENG: The Business Forum w/ Conor Cunneen & Steve Eschbach (2nd & 4th Thursday) 

ENG: The Business Forum offers those in Job Search and Career Development the opportunity to interact with like-minded individuals to develop their skill sets and knowledge in a friendly but challenging environment. We will facilitate discussion and learning on the dramatically changing workplace, technology, staying motivated while working from home, attitude, and how you can feel good about yourself during challenging times. Sometimes we'll push you, sometimes we'll challenge you, but always, we will be positive so that you can leave with more knowledge and skills to help you grow and develop during these challenging times.  On the 4th Thursday of the month, a guest presenter will speak to varied related topics. 



Conor Cunneen, IrishmanSpeaks is an in-demand keynote speaker, author, business humorist, and consultant to clients ranging from Harley-Davidson to Helsinki, from Memphis to Madrid. His Mission is to Improve People, Performance & Productivity – with a Smile! Conor is a board member (Emeritus) of Career & Networking Center, Naperville, and co-hosted JobTalk on Chicago radio for five years. He is a prolific author including two books on Mark Twain. Amazon reviews for his job search book, the acclaimed SHEIFGAB the World: Staying Sane, Motivated, and Productive in Job Search deem it an “Excellent Resource for Job Seekers!” 

Steve Eschbach, CFA, is the Principal and Founding Member of Eschbach & Associates, LLC, an independent financial communications and investor relations consulting firm that assists its clients to achieve its strategic goals and objectives in its communications efforts with the investment community as well as their endeavors with mergers and acquisitions. As part of this comprehensive organization, Steve is the President of Transworld Business Advisors of Naperville; Managing Director of Atlanta-based Asbury Investor Relations; and Vice President of Del Ray, CA-based American HealthCare Capital

Keith Owens has spent his entire career helping people and organizations persuade their audiences, which is the objective of job search and interviewing. After 35 years in marketing communications and public relations, Keith has spent the past 12 years helping people in all aspects of job search. He has been a one-on-one job search coach, Program Director at CareerPlace, and a workshop presenter to job search groups across the Chicagoland area. For the past three years, he has offered his six-part series of workshops called Highly Effective Job Search to members of the Naperville Career & Networking Center and the Executive Networking Group.